Wall Jams

every Wed and Fri 7-9pm

#bounceinchk #hkwallrunners

$130 per session (2 hrs)

Get into the most addictive adrenaline rush you’ll experience at the weekly Wall Jams.
You don’t have to be an athlete to get amongst the Wall Jams mayhem.
If you’ve bounced on a trampoline before, you’re already halfway there, well, kind of…
there’s still the old backdrop that you need to master.
Don’t worry, the BOUNCE crew will have you going in no time.

Back Drop

Stand on the trampoline, bend your knees, lean back a bit, shoot your hips up as you fall.

Tuck Your Knee

Make your knees straight so your feet touch the wall, tuck as you coming down.

Kick On The Wall

Use more of your hips to shoot out and touch the wall, combine all the basic steps together and become wall runner!

Do NOT imitate any of the above movements without supervision.

Wall Twist

Cat Twist

Peanut Butter

To be an advance Wall Runner, conquer the above basic skills!

Wall Running to the top of the wall and get the rewards.

Using your Wall Running skills to get on the wall but not your hand.
Standing on top of the wall can redeem a specific reward.
Please ask our Wall Jam Host for details.
Only one redemption on each wall for each jumper.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is per person per session, grip socks not included
  • Not valid for Junior Jumpers
  • Not valid for jumpers under 125cm in height
  • Wall Jams Session is limited to Performance area
  • Wall Challenge is only available in the Wall Jams Sessions